Elephant thank you

Elephants are a symbol of strength and intelligence. My Mom always told me to send thank you notes, and it is intelligent to listen to my mother. So I send thank you notes for just about everything. I think snail mail is always appreciated, and it is nice when someone takes a second to send you a special note telling you “thanks.”

When we were pregnant with her first baby we didn’t find out the sex. This made it a tough designing the nursery, then we came across  this baby elephant on Sharon Montrose’s, The Animal Print Shop. Whatever sex the baby was, we wanted a strong symbol surrounding him/her.

I ordered extra printed cards, because I thought people might like a send some thanks of their own.
Looking to purchase, look no further: Sketch Character Shop.

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Custom wedding illustration

When looking for a wedding present, you usually look on the registry, order it, pay for the gift wrap and ship directly to the recipient. I know, being the recipient of registries, it is hard to keep track of who purchased what. Sometimes you want a stand out present, something that really pops and makes the recipient smile and recall their special day; plus hand made things are fun and memorable.

If interested in having a custom illustration done for a special someone, click on over to my Etsy shop, SketchCharacter (Custom Wedding Illustration).

CaitlinLanceCustomWeddingv2 CaitlinLanceCustomWedding_pencil CaitlinLanceCustomWedding_full


Dino Dinner Thank You

A thank you can go a long way. We were recently treated to our favorite restaurant in our neighborhood, Roberta’s. I usually get the Bee Sting, which is listed on Complex City’s Guide to 25 top specialty pizzas in NYC, and it is certainly special! Andrew tried the calzone, which we have been missing out on and has become one of my new pregnancy treats.

Being sent on a date with my husband is always a welcome treat so I am sending the bearer of this gift this little homemade Dino Dinner Thank You card.

Dino Dinner

Dino Dinner

Caitlin McClure

I have some massively talented friends…not to pat myself on the back or anything. I have been encouraging my best to get out there more and she has picked up the pace so much I can’t ever keep up. Everyone needs motivation and this girl knows how to make it fit into any space. I just love love love her style.



Watercolor, pen, paper

Watercolor, pen & paper

I feel like I do a lot of things that make others happy. Sometimes I do things for me.

Everyone deserves a facial (by a proper esthetician).  Here’s to treating yourself.


Before penning.

Before penning.


He looks so ashamed.

He looks so ashamed.

Andrew's dino, I made him draw him and then, watercolored and penned it myself.

Andrew’s dino, I made him draw him and then, watercolored and penned it myself.


Lock it up.

Lock it up.



San Diego

I am working on creating more, whether that’s doodles, food or graphics; more. These don’t take long and I love making them. Just have to make time for new creatures.