My baby is an animal

Our daughter is approaching 18 months, and with this milestone comes so much knowledge. She can perform nearly every animal sound under the sun. The pig continues to elude her, but her mastery of the cow, dog, cat, snake, and bear/tiger/lion/dinosaur (lumped together ‘cause they’re all “rawr”) are unparalleled. She amazes us daily with how quickly she’s learning, her mind soaking up information like a little sponge. The time for cutting back on the potty language would be now.


Reading on repeat

Babies love to read, repeat and read again and again and again… I love a good A-Z anything, especially animals. I created these illustrated animal alphabet cards as a challenge to myself in 2012. I broke out a new round of prints for some orders on Etsy and gave a set to my 15 month old. She thinks they are great, which is the best review I could ask for.


Flexing creative muscles


I signed up for SkillShare to flex my creative muscles while not at the office. Spending majority of my work days in front of a computer, I needed to take a class that was more tactile.  I signed up for Julia Rothman’s class: Illustrating Patterns: Creating Hand-Drawn Wallpaper and took the chance to do a little piece for my Dad’s handyman service.  The process was fun, and I enjoyed the outcome.  Below is how the pattern connects (Thanks Adam for gif’ing this out for me!)

View Julia’s class to see how to make your own. Below was mine based on her process.

  1. Draw objects. Don’t touch the sides. 2015-11-02 22.51.54
  2. Cut in 4’s then re-configure like below.


3. Then fill in the gaps. Tools_1of3119

4. Pop into photoshop or illustrator, based on ask, I used photoshop to get the instagram picture quality, will put in illustrator for final file.

Smile at the baby that’s screaming on the train

New York is quite the experience. Living here for 6 years, my husband and I decided to have a baby. We see NY in a whole new light. At 32 years old, I thought this would be a walk in the park.


I wrote this draft when I was pregnant:
Being pregnant in the city sucks. Of course the first 5 months you are like “I got this” then you walk about 7 miles a day; walk to subway, walk to work from said subway, then do it again on the way home. SO MANY STAIRS. New York is a walking city, on average, I hear people talking about their “steps” a minimum of 20 mins per day. We walk, we all know how far we walk and we do it everyday to get to and from work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.28.33 PM

Current day me with one year old daughter (that’s my multitasking hubs in the pic):
I would take the pregnant commute over the days Baby screams the 20 min ride into the city or at 6:30 during rush-hour on the way home. 4 banana cookies, a pouch and some organic crackers that taste horrible to me (she loves) will keep her quiet. Nothing frustrates a mother more than annoying all of their fellow commuters who just got done work…even though, I worked all day too and my 21lb carrier child is upset.

So please give everyone a break, give up your seat for a pregnant lady no matter what and offer a silly face to a baby who is out of control (it has saved me so many times). New York has so much potential, if everyone would just be nice, a little.


Yeah that’s Bill Murray. I was pregnant, we were nice, he was nice. So nice. I mean, I wouldn’t have expected any less.

Shapewear: A gift and a curse

ShapewearFBTruth be told, I love wearing tight clothes, which was fine before I had a baby. I gained 43lbs during pregnancy and enjoyed gaining every single one of them. After I had our baby, the weight flew off, but the body did not return to it’s previous shape. In came my first pair of shapewear called Bellefit. This product is amazing; created to help women get back down to previous weight and help the uterus go back to it’s original size. I can’t speak more highly about this product. After I shrunk out of them, I invested in some Yummie from Heather Thomson to get me back into my pre-baby clothes. 10 months postpartum, I am wearing them everyday, under every garment. These are my favorite.

The gift – these make every day living easy, I just slip them on and wear pretty much whatever I want.

The curse – I just now am starting to work out because I leaned way to hard on having shapewear do all the work.

Nerd Alert: Epson V600 Photo

Epson V600 photo scanner, you have changed my illustration life.

In the past, I would illustrate, fire up my jacked up printer that came with my iMac to scan, edit and post on Nom Nom Nom blog.

When I finally stashed away enough money to buy this bad boy, I splurged and haven’t regretted my decision. I draw more, I scan more and I share more which is exciting.

Here is a comparison between the two:

Jacked up printer (edited in photoshop)

GeometricShape_JackedupPrinterEpson v600 Photo (no photoshop)

GeometryEpson600The difference might seem minimal, but the colors are so much truer to what they actually are.

Thank you Epson for making a quality product.

Hair is subjective

HairThrough the years, I have had just about every hairstyle portrayed above. It all started when Felicity chopped her beautiful locks, I was in 10th grade and followed suit within the week. The backlash was very similar to what she faced, people actually stopped talking to me. On the other hand, someone said “I am glad you did it, you looked like a lion.”  So either way, people can’t win when it comes to looks, they are subjective.

I am in the process (again) of growing out a cute little pixie cut I had when I was pregnant. Most new mom’s cut their hair short when the baby comes, I am going in the other direction, I need a ponytail asap. This is the best time to do it since I actually still have time to muster up some kind of in between hairdo, while the baby is still contained in her crib in the morning.

Give me a few years with long hair then I will chop it all off for a good cause, donations need to be a minimum of ten inches for Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids, so I have some time.

Our 8 month old eats better than we do.

Violet had quite the brunch menu this weekend. Eggs, avocado, watermelon, apples, Gerber sweet potato puffs, bacon, and a bottle of her favorite bubbly (ok, it was milk).


Our little one has 2 teeth smack in the middle of her bottom gums. So far they’ve been used to rip shards of paper out of her books and gnaw on Mommy and Daddy’s fingers, but as far as eating goes, they’re not much help. That’s where I come in; slicing, peeling, steaming, baking, mashing, blending, pureeing, bagging, and freezing, seem to be taking up the majority of my Sunday evenings. Funny part is, I get some sort of sick satisfaction out of it. I love having her lunch prepped for school, and her dinner ready for when we get home. If only we had half the desire to make food from scratch for ourselves…

These are a few of her fav-or-ite things

Favorite ToysOur daughter is 8 months old and has toys she prefers over others, and some that I just know will keep her from losing her mind when we are out in public. I signed up for Bluum box when I was 36 weeks pregnant and have never been let down.

Here are a few of Violet’s favorite toys:

  1.  Angel Dear Cyclops security blanket came in the 3-month Bluum box; I really didn’t expect Violet to fall madly in love with it, but she did and the rest is history. He is her little pal when she is playing and takes the sting out of putting her in the car seat.
  2. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether was a shower gift and a Godsend, everyone said to get one, and boy has it come in handy now that little teeth are popping up left and right.
  3. Alice in Wonderland; a Babylit Colors Primer: Every single book from this company is amazing. Babylit has changed everything I have thought of children’s books and I love reading them over and over again. So far we have Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, and Alice and Wonderland, and I need and will have them all (for my daughter of course)!